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Jocelyn Fontaine

AWS Solutions Architect / Cloud Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (expired)
TOGAF Foundation + Certified 9.1
48 years old
Driving License
Gaillac-Toulza (31550) France
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
★ A Curious Mind is A healthy Mind ★
✔ I love every second of my Job !
I can learn, discover a lot of things every day.
Continually, I like to take up challenges...

✔ Having working across in different industries, business domains, technical environments contribute to give me a wide understanding of your expectations whatever the requirements.

✔ I will be very happy and grateful to have the chance to help you, and I could bring my experiences and skills, and also my energy in order to work together for solving your challenges !
After completing this course, students will be able to:

Describe Azure architecture components, including infrastructure, tools, and portals.
Implement and manage virtual networking within Azure and configure cross-premises connectivity.
Plan and create Azure VMs.
Configure, manage, and monitor Azure VMs to optimize availability and reliability.
Implement Azure App Service.
Plan and implement storage, backup, and recovery services.
Implement container-based workloads in Azure.
Deploy, configure, monitor, and diagnose cloud services.
Implement Azure AD.
Manage an Active Directory infrastructure in a hybrid environment.
Automate operations in Azure by using Azure Automation runbooks.

Security Operations on AWS

Global Knowledge

December 2017
In this intermediate course, you will learn how to efficiently use AWS security services to stay secure and compliant in the AWS cloud. We will focus on recommended security best practices that you can implement to enhance the security of your data and systems. We will explore security features of AWS key services, including compute, storage, networking, and database services. We will also consider common security control objectives and regulatory compliance standards and examine use cases for running regulated workloads on AWS across different verticals, globally. In this course, you will learn how to leverage AWS services and tools for automation and continuous monitoring—taking your security operations to the next level.

AWS Technical Essentials

ABC Systeme

October 2016
The AWS Business Essentials course is designed to help you better understand the AWS cloud, so that you are better equipped to discuss and develop a cloud adoption strategy. The course discusses the fundamentals of AWS and the advantages of cloud computing for your business, including security, and financial benefits. It introduces frameworks for successful cloud adoption, addresses the changing organizational IT and procurement roles, and reviews how AWS services can transform IT cost management practices.

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate

ABC Systeme

October 2016
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is intended for individuals with experience designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. Exam concepts you should understand for this exam include:

Designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS
Lift and shift of an existing on-premises application to AWS
Ingress and egress of data to and from AWS
Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, or security requirements
Identifying appropriate use of AWS architectural best practices
Estimating AWS costs and identifying cost control mechanisms

TOGAF Foundation

Open Group

April 2015
TOGAF®, an Open Group standard, is the open Enterprise Architecture standard used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency. The Open Group TOGAF Certification Program has enabled more than 50,000 Enterprise Architects and trainers around the globe to demonstrate their proven knowledge of the framework.

Certification is achieved through a two-part exam, following a course of self-study or attendance at an Accredited Training Course. The current syllabus for all accredited courses is based on the TOGAF 9.1 Standard since December 2011.

The Open Group TOGAF certification is:
• Used by the world’s leading enterprises to certify a common body of core knowledge about the methodology and framework
• A trusted, vendor-neutral, globally recognized and portable credential
• Valuable in demonstrating to employers and peers your commitment to enterprise architecture as a discipline
• An outstanding career move and a foundational certification in the career of any Enterprise Architect

Overview of computer architectures

SQLi Toulouse

July 2009
• Enterprise Architecture and BPM
• Software architectures, application bases, integration architecture and SOA, security, IT monitoring and governance, HCI and portals, knowledge management, summary and outlook

Project Management

Adhara, Toulouse

July 2007
project management, risks management, conflicts management, processus

Project Management

Valtech Training at Atos Formation

September 2005
• Project management, resource management

Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences

IUP Informatique Avignon

January 2000 to December 2003
Training in engineering computer science : developpment, project management, etc.

Baccalaureate in Sciences (Option: Physics)

Lycée Montaigne (N'Djaména, Académie de Bordeaux)

September 1995 to June 1995